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Research and Development

Responding to Needs Related to Sophisticated Information Technologies

Shimizu is conducting R&D related to visual support systems associated with building network environments and the planning, design, construction, and operation of facilities with sophisticated information systems. The photograph shows a plan for the ideal distribution of digital broadcasting facilities.

Electromagnetic Environments - Shimizu Cyber Building

Shimizu is also engaged in R&D related to the prevention of electromagnetic wave interference and electromagnetic equipment noise; technologies for controlling and optimizing interior and exterior conditions for electromagnetic waves; and planning, construction, and evaluation methods to ensure good conditions for wireless communications within buildings. The photograph shows high-performance electromagnetic anechoic double chambers.

Underground Energy Storage

Using one of the world's best rock testing facilities, Shimizu pursues R&D involving the evaluation of special rock characteristics, technologies for supporting and strengthening rock, construction methods for reinforcing unstable ground in mountainous regions, and technologies for the analysis of rock strata behavior. The illustration shows a method for storing energy as high-pressure air within underground rock chambers sealed with an airtight liner.


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