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Smart System

New SMART System

The SMART System automates all-weather construction processes at high-rise steel-frame buildings. Now Shimizu is applying this technology in reinforced concrete structures too. High-grade prefabricated elements produced at an on-site plant are transported using separate systems for vertical and horizontal movement to ensure maximum transport and assembly efficiency.

Tower SMART System

Using the SMART System to fabricate towers allows the safe handling of materials in all weather conditions. This is a big advantage at towers, which are highly susceptible to high winds. Both quality and safety are enhanced.


"SUPER WING ®"is a prestressed steel truss, which is new approach to the use of fundamental materials, making fullest use of the outstanding tensile strength of steel. With "SUPER WING ®", installation work is safe and economical, and every inch of interior space is usable.

The idea of "SUPER WING ®"

A radically simple idea of "SUPER WING ®" is steel strands are used in the lower truss chords when secured at the chord ends, These strands help support vertical loads. The tensioning of the PC strands on the lower truss chords creates an uplifting force which compensates for load-caused deflection. (Dotted line solid lines)


Large-span column-free spaces become possible with "SUPER WING ®". Spans can be realized at reasonable cost with "SUPER WING ®".



"SUPER WING ®" is a low-cost construction system saving on total weight of steel used.


By using "SUPER WING ®", column-free space is achieved with the addition of maximum design flexibility to the area above. This is possible by calculating required load information into the structural system of "SUPER WING ®".

On-Site Plants

Temporary on-site plants, most commonly for production of precast concrete parts, enable the manufacture of buildings components in factory-like conditions. They thereby facilitate the timely supply of unitized building components in step with progress in assembling building frameworks.They also help realize improved quality, lower costs, shorter construction periods, and safer as well as more pleasant conditions for workers.

3-Dimensional Computer Aided Design System VAD

The VAD helps visualization of construction sequence and forward planning and monitoring of the site progress. By arranging various libraries, construction plan is possible. It is effective to scheme of execution and the rationalization of construction method. It can be applied to various facilities. Control in construction works schedule is fully implemented especially for complicated ones.

From plan of the building in each phase to site execution, various information are created. The system can integrate these data enhancing productivity and hasten the construction period.

Shimizu's Reinforced Concrete Steel Tube (RCST) Structures

A composite building structure that employs concrete filled steel cylinders as pillars and steel girders as horizontal beams, Shimizu's newly developed RCST structure reduces construction periods as well as the cost of structural frameworks. The structure is well suited for marketing and distribution facilities and other buildings that have relatively few levels but large horizontal dimensions.

Layered Construction Method

Shimizu has reconsidered the traditional high-rise building construction method. The Company's layered construction method reduces the need for workers to perform tasks at elevated and exposed places as well as the need to set up scaffolding and handle other temporary construction tasks. The use of highly unitized building components facilitates the concentration of all work on one floor at a time.


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