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We invite independent, dedicated and hardworking individuals full of drive and enthusiasm to join us in building some of the most acclaimed architecture around the world.

Privacy Disclaimer

Shimizu Corporation ("Shimizu") understands the importance of protecting personal information and takes all necessary and appropriate security measures to comply with the Privacy Policy of Shimizu.

You are responsible for the true and accurate information on your application to this site. Should there be any false declaration made, Shimizu reserves the right to reject your application or terminate the contract of service without any prior notice by the Management.

Upon submitting your application to us, you understand and agree that Shimizu will share your personal information amongst the relevant member(s) of Shimizu to assess and process your application. Further data collection from third parties (such as referees and public records) may be involved for the purpose of further assessing your profile. All the information held by Shimizu will be kept strictly confidential and used for the purpose of your recruitment only.

In the event that you are not selected for the position which you have applied, Shimizu may consider your profile for other suitable position(s) and transfer your application to the relevant member(s) of Shimizu for consideration. However, your information will be destroyed within a year of your application.

Upon your successful employment by Shimizu, your information will be kept in confidence and Shimizu may disclose your personal information to (i) any other member(s) in the Company or third party service provider who provides administrative, data processing, trainings, insurance services or medical benefits to the Company (ii) business partners in connection for business related tenders (iii) public authorities as may be legally required.

In the event of your leaving Shimizu for any reason(s) thereafter, all the information about and on you shall be kept in confidence by Shimizu for a period of 5 year(s) whereupon it will be destroyed.

Any comments, questions, requests, or other feedback concerning Shimizu's handling of personal information can be contacted at “Contact Us”.


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