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Today's Work,
Tomorrow's Heritage


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In 1804, the founder Kisuke Shimizu established a carpentry shop in Kanda Kaiji-cho,Edo (present-day Edo).
That was the start of Shimizu’s history of more than 200 years.
In 1915, Shimizu Gumi, the precursor of Shimizu Corporation, established a branch office in Dalian, China.
Buildings we constructed there are still serving and loved by local people.
In 1985, we set up a Beijing Representative Office and in 2003 we established an overseas subsidiary in Shanghai.
With locally-rooted technologies, we have continued to support the future of our clients.
While technologies and construction methods have been rapidly advancing over time,
we have always held the attitude of “creating excellent products for our clients in good faith,” as our foundation and key principle.
Our “Today’s work” is to commit to each job with intense enthusiasm to create buildings and leave “Tomorrow’s Heritage” for all future generations.

Our Services