About Us

Message from the General Manager

Since our foundation in 1804 in Japan, Shimizu Corporation has based our management policy on Rongo to Soroban (“The Analects of Confucius and the Abacus”) * and carried out a broad array of projects in Japan and overseas and performed continuous development to attain today’s achievements. In the meantime, it is our honour to be able to contribute to our clients’ business development, social infrastructure building, regional community and the lives of all people relating to our company business through our building and construction activities.

Since the launch of our operations in Singapore in 1973, we have been advancing together with Singapore regardless of whether the economy of the region is in boom or is bleak. We, acting as a good corporate citizen, remain committed to contributing to the development of Singapore and the surrounding region.

As the General Manager of Singapore Office, I will continue to operate this historic business stronghold by the following principles

1. Being a choice company to clients, professionals, government authorities, sub-contractors and employees

  • Provide sincere and honest support
  • Keep improving customer satisfaction
  • Being actively involved in social contributions
  • Maintain high standards of workmanship

2. Committing to continuous social contributions

  • Contribute to society through building technologies
  • Contribute to society being a responsible corporate citizen
  • Contribute to global environment through environmental technologies

3. Building a vibrant workplace

  • Establish effective communication among staff
  • Respect individual’s abilities, support self-development, ensure appropriate reward
  • Provide a workplace which brings one’s ability into full play

I, along with all employees, will always take the lead to achieve the vision presented here. In addition, I will prepare an environment for all employees in Singapore Office to freely discuss their ideas on how to achieve the vision and their commitment to it. In response to our corporate slogan “Today’s Work, Tomorrow’s Heritage”, we will continue working alongside the local community.

Thank you.

Nobuto Hajime

General Manager of Singapore Office

*Rongo to Soroban (“The Analects of Confucius and the Abacus”) by Shibusawa Eiichi, who was appointed our senior advisor in 1887. Shibusawa taught that a company should earn fair returns and contribute to society based on a strict code of business ethics.