Our service on Pre-construction Service

“We are interested in your success in Mexico. We care what you care”

As being in the construction industry for over 30 years in Mexico, we have supported over 50 Non-Japanese and Japanese clients to establish their business facilities nationwide. We know each client has their own needs whether for business opportunity or for environmental contribution, and we care. That’s why we take this service as a matter of courtesy ensuring to lead the project to a success and contribute to a better society.

  1. Preliminary Consultation for construction in Mexico.
  2. Industrial Park’s Tour.
  3. Brochure of Industrial park’s Master Plan.
  4. Appointment with Industrial Parks, Economic Development of State Government, etc.
  5. Information / Data collecting support from the authorities.
  6. Evaluation of the particular plot.
  7. Negotiation (or Advise) of Price and Condition with the industrial park.
  8. Monitoring and Report of industrial park’s infrastructure work progress.
  9. Permit acquisition support.
    • Environmental Permit (Phase 1 –For Construction)
    • Land Use Permit
    • Tree Relocation
    • Construction License (1. Grading and Underground work, 2. Above-ground Structure)
  10. Infrastructure Connection Fee investigation.
  11. Introduction of Perito / Consultant /Japanese Companies
  12. General community introduction (Apartment, Hospital, School, Restaurant, etc).
  13. Cost Study
    • Super-Budgetary Indication
    • Indicative Estimation
    • Formal Cost Proposal
  14. Miscellaneous Consultation