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Borderless Services

  • ・Offering optimum design services, wherever customers are in the world, by colaboration between our design teams in Tokyo Head Quarters and in regional office (Mexico).
  • ・Providing prompt services by taking advantage of a time difference, for example, ideas studied in Japan are reflected in drawings in Mexico during the night time in Japan and they are able to be confirmed by customers the day after.

Accomodative various types of buildings from comercial to industrial.

・Proposing plans in collaboration with our technical and plant engineering teams in Tokyo Head Quarters to meet any requirements and customers’ satisfactions.

Offering the latest local information

・Local information such as laws, regulations, costs and public security is changing gradually by expansion  of construction market in Mexico.
・Shimizu offers the best design solution by sharing the information with customers in a timely manner.

“One-Stop Service” to minimize risks

・Reducing risks by standing side-by-side with customers from planning stage through design, construction and facility maintenance as your business partner.
・Offering reliance and relief by our “One-Stop Service” that customers are always able to clarify where responsibility lies.


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