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Message from the General Manager

Shimizu Corporation has been participated in various Building and Civil Engineering projects in Middle East and Africa since 1970s and, after the long interval, set up Dubai Branch in 2005 to further advance our business activities and offer dedicated services and support to our clients in the region.

In recent years, we have been working on Office Interior Works and Factory Constructions / Renovations for the Japanese Clients in UAE and Turkey.

In Africa, we have been specializing in ODA (Official Development Assistance) projects and have long histories of Infrastructure Works, contributing to the development of the African countries. We have been constructing Roads, Bridges, Schools, and Hospitals, totalling 91 projects in 13 countries including Zambia, Ghana and Uganda. We shall continue to participate in the infrastructure projects, while challenging in new business fields such as PPP to achieve “SHIMZ VISION 2030” (Shimizu’s long-term future plan). And we hope to help creating the future of Africa together with the local partners.

OCHI Katsuo, Regional Head for Africa & Middle East (Civil Engineering)


近年では、UAEやトルコなどの中東諸国にて、オフィス内装工事や日系企業工場の建設・改修を中心とした業務を行っております。一方、アフリカでは、これまでにザンビア、ガーナ、ウガンダの他、全13か国で91件のインフラ整備事業を実施し、道路・橋梁整備や学校・病院建設など、アフリカ諸国の経済発展に寄与する様々なODA案件に参加してきました。これからもアフリカ諸国とのパートナーシップを構築・発展させ、数多くのインフラ案件整備に邁進していくとともに、弊社の掲げるShimz Vision 2030の実現に向けて、PPPによるインフラ事業の運営など、新しい領域にも参画していきたいと考えております。

越智 克夫、アフリカ中東統括(土木)