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Based in Dubai, we work for various projects in Africa and Middle East, taking the advantage of the networks that we have established with our regional and project site offices.

In Africa, we have been working for more than half-century. Through 91 projects in 13 countries, we provided quality infrastructure which may be used safely for long term with low life-cycle cost. We also focus highly on the safety at the time of construction, consideration for the environment, and development of local human resources through construction activities.

Since 1993, Japanese government has been leading Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) to promote high-level policy dialogue between African leaders and development partners. In this framework, Japan Africa Infrastructure Development Association (JAIDA) was established in 2016 to spread out Japan’s experience and technology to African countries in order to accomplish the quality infrastructures in Africa. Mr. MIYAMOTO Yoichi, our Chairman, chairs this association and leads 178 Japanese member companies to actively communicate with African governments and related organizations. Quality infrastructure is essential to promote the investment and human resource and youth development as the fundamentals for the sustainable economic growth. We Shimizu Corporation steadily work for infrastructure projects in Africa to contribute to the economic and social development and attainment of the SDGs.

Looking ahead to the future of Africa, we seek for our business opportunities in active participation in infrastructure project such as PPP and our interest will go beyond construction contracting in due course.

In the Middle East, we had been active in UAE, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain and Syria in 1980s’. And, after the interval for the decades, we resumed our operations by participating in the construction projects in UAE (2006) and Turkey (2013). The Middle East is always one of our strategic targets, as Mr. MIYAMOTO Yoichi, our Chairman, chairs the Japan-Iran Economic Cooperation Committee - one of the committees of the Japanese Business Federation (Keidanren) - to promote the business relationship between the Governments and business communities of Iran and Japan.