About Us

Message from the MD & CEO

Since being founded in 1804 (the first year of the Bunka period), we have been using our passion and skills as craftsman to satisfy the wishes of our customers and the needs of society at large. In our overseas business, we have been following a philosophy of providing comprehensive support together with the meticulous service that distinguishes Japanese and foreign companies, in particular giving attention in aiding the development of businesses expanding overseas.
We entered into the Indian market in 1985 and established Headquarters in Bangalore in 2009. In 2011, formally it became as SHIMIZU CORPORATION INDIA Pvt. Ltd. including a design department, and currently located in Bangalore, in the central area of Karnataka. In order to ensure that customers who are making their first foray into the area can set up local subsidiary, build factories and carry out their operations quickly and efficiently, we provide the following assistance from each project's initial stages onwards while cooperating with sales and design staff in Japan:

  • Provide general information necessary to make forays in India.
  • Introduce lawyer's offices, etc. necessary for setting up a company.
  • Search for land and provide comparative evaluation.
  • Make appointments and help in negotiations with government administration offices and industrial parks, etc.
  • Conduct environmental and geological surveys.
  • Provide hazard maps, information on infrastructures and other specific information.
  • Compile design conditions, prepare drawings of rough estimates and conduct cost studies for FS.
  • Provide support for various types of applications, etc.

From the beginning of factory construction onwards, we will make certain that delivery dates are strictly complied. Also when necessary, we will help with the installation of production equipment, import operations, installation and the connection of secondary utilities involved in factory start-up, and train new staff on the handling of utility facility. Furthermore, you will be able to discuss any unique plant needs you may have with us, as we have an engineering division in Japan.
Engaging in close communication with both the local staff and staff in Japan, we will make sure to suggest proposals that will leave you fully satisfied, and provide the best possible quality upon placing your order. We truly hope you will choose us as your construction life cycle partner and strategic global partner to help your company succeed.


Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer


  • インド進出に必要な一般情報の提供
  • 会社設立のための弁護士事務所等紹介
  • 土地探し・紹介、比較評価のお手伝い
  • 官公庁・工業団地等とのアポイント取付及び交渉補佐
  • 環境調査・地質調査
  • インフラ情報、ハザードマップ等の個別情報提供
  • 設計与条件のとりまとめ、概算図面作成及びFS用コストスタディー
  • 各種申請業務サポート、その他



社長 川﨑 昭吾