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Nepal Earthquake Donation

A powerful earthquake struck Nepal and the southern part of Tibet on the 25th of April resulted in heavy casualties and loss of properties. Looking at past, both China and Japan have experienced major disasters 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake and 3.11 East Japan Earthquake, so we definitely share the same feeling towards their pain, and hence we have proposed our staffs to care and help the victims in Nepal by means of donation.

The entire donation from both of our Japanese and local staffs has been collected, and will be transferred directly to the Disaster-Relief account of Nepal Embassy in China on the 11th of May. We hope to do we can to help the victims to restore their homeland.

"Help others to enjoy ourselves", we always devote ourselves to volunteering social welfare activities, and will continually incorporate Corporate Social Responsibility into our business operation.

We sincerely hope the People of Nepal will soon overcome the difficulties and obstacles lie in front of them.