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20 Sep, 2017

Company Visit from NUCECompany Visit from NUCE

Shimizu Vietnam is proud to take a part in the picture of Vietnam through our business since 1992. We believe that our long-term success and high-reliability comes from our values on human resources. We believe that our crews are the most precious asset in our company.

Shimizu Vietnam has maintained an amicable relationship with National University of Construction & Engineering (NUCE) since 2013. Since 2014, Shimizu and NUCE has collaborated annually to launch Shimizu Open Academy (SOA), which is a valuable opportunity for us to meet potential students and introduce our latest technology and worldwide projects. Through this event, we also offer career chances for fresh graduates. Thanks to these activities, many young, ambitious engineers have joined us from NUCE.

Aside from SOA we also hold company excursions for students from NUCE. On 20th Sep, 2017, we welcomed 1st and 2nd year students of NUCE to our office. In this event we shared our history, our projects in Vietnam, our vision, and some debates which allows students to imagine how it would be like to work with us. Shimizu Yasuhiro (General Director) has taken part in the event as well, sharing his 30 years of construction experience in Asia and in Europe. We hope this event could help to provide students with some views and ideas about their study and future dreams.

We are honored to be able to hold numerous events and recruiting opportunities with the most prestigious technological university in Vietnam, and we hope to organize more exciting activities with NUCE in the future.


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