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27 May, 2016

Shimizu CSR - Building for the future generationBuilding for the future generation

Shimizu Corporation is one of leading construction companies in the world with many projects in different countries.  In Vietnam, our projects have been spreading to various cities all around the country.  Last year, we have started a big project in Vinh, a suburb city in Vietnam. 

Vinh is about 300km South of Hanoi, in Nghe An Province. The province has around 17% of the population lives in poverty, many children are not able to go to school or their study conditions are very poor. Therefore, Shimizu Corporation would like to contribute our part to “build up” the future generation. We decided on raising the fund for facilities and other expenses to be used for this activity. On the 27th and 28thof May 2016, we organized a 2-day-trip for staffs to visit Duc Son Secondary School, the poorest  school at Duc Son, Vinh, Nghe An.

The fund raised from our staffs was used to buy materials to support pupils studying in Duc Son School.  On the 27th, all staff members gathered at Duc Son School to deliver gifts to pupils.  Each of them received a set of studying materials including pens, books, back packs, etc.

Alongside with the support tools for studying, Shimizu Corporation also sponsored school supplies including new fans, chairs and tables for all classes, as well as other facilities support such as plastering walls and re-painting classes.  We do strongly believe that these actives work beneficially, not only by improving children’s study conditions but also by giving them bundles of joy and happiness, which is really meaningful.

With three pillars of CSR (Cooperate Social Responsibility) as: “Fairness and transparency in business; the creation of value that surpasses expectations; coexistence with society”, Shimizu Corporation is making continuous contributions to the sustainable development of society and acting as a good corporate citizen. Besides our professional expertise, we hope to organize more activities to return as much as we can to the society.


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