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25 Nov, 2014

Theme for this time is about your commuting style

At 7:30 AM every weekday morning, the road is getting more crowded with many kinds of vehicles joining the traffic to work, to school and so on. And you can notice that most of them are motorbikes, a very common means of transportation in Vietnam.  Therefore, it’s easily to catch many of Shimizu staff riding their motorbikes to the office. Mr. Dương from Shimizu Hanoi office is a typical example. Every day, He comes to office on his motorbike. Because it can be difficult for him to be on time in the morning if he is stuck in traffic jam, which occurs on a daily basis, he chooses to leave home a little earlier. Similarly, after work, sometimes he has to ride his motorbikes a longer way instead to avoid the effect of rush hour. However, it is relaxing for him to enjoy the journey to home as he can drop by his favorite shop to buy things or discover new ways home. His vehicle is always a useful means to travel around in such a crowded capital as Hanoi.


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