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13 Jun, 2014

MR. Tran Phi Vu – General Manager (General affair / HR/ IT)

For those who don’t know him, he is one of the very first Vietnamese Staffs working for SMZ ever since its establishing of Representative office in Vietnam 23 years ago.

He is famous among all the staffs as a TEEN man. That word stands for Talent, Experience, Entertainer and Novelty.  He is talented, of course. He himself can perform like a music band because at the same time he can play guitar, harmonica and drum, all of which harmonize beautifully and smoothly. He is experienced. With his 23 years working for Shimizu Vietnam, his profound knowledge covers from IT, HR to Admin fields. That’s why we can always come to him for advice while facing troubles at work. He is an amazing Entertainer. Thanks to him, we are able to live in an inspiring atmosphere. He is a leader in organization of interesting parties, which are full of songs, music and amazing performances.  Everything he’s done shows novelty as his endless creativity allows him to surprise us always. For all those reasons, we really wish he will be happy and healthy to contribute more to Shimizu Vietnam.


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