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18 May, 2013

SMZ Special Voluntary Trip

In our country, there are many minority groups of people who still live below normal conditions. Since we have a project in Hoa Binh where there are some villages of these minority people, we decided on a voluntary trip to bring them, particularly the kids, some gifts on Children’s day.   Unlike other trips we have made, this one was unique. Because of the mountainous area there, to utilize our vehicles, we chose to go by truck which could carry more than 20 people at a time. After packaging all the presents such as old clothes, books and money donated by Shimizu staffs, we were so excited to start the trip without expecting this could be one of the most adventurous trips we might have had. We were really challenged with sloping hill roads. The ups and downs of the roads with unexpected turns seemed to prevent us from reaching our destination. Holding hands together, we made our way through all the jungles and streams bottomed with slippery rocks, heading to the villages of poor minority families. Upon our arrival, the little kids all burst into happiness when presents were given to them. They must have had a full children’s day. And in return, we had a memorable and unique experience.


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