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15 Jul, 2012

Popular sports at your office

Football always proves its attraction to people from all walks of life. Accordingly, Shimizu staffs in Vietnam are not an exception. Eventhough we are occupied with huge work load, we still spend our quality time on exciting football matches held every weekend. And in this article, I’m very happy to introduce our football team from Shimizu Vietnam. As you may know, our team has its members coming from all Shimizu’s departments and sections such as Admin department, QS section or site engineers and so on. In the meanwhile, our competitor team can be our sub-contractors or other company’s partners. In the field, regardless of positions and job specialization, all the players quickly demonstrate sport spirits: enthusiasm and fair-play. Besides, one important factor contributing to the atmosphere of the matches is our passionate audience. These aidience are mostly SMZ Admin staffs who are proud to be few in number but plenty in quality. Ecouragement covers from screaming slogans to chanting stimulating songs, which brings so much fun to the field. Each match always end with lots of joys and laughters no matter what the result is because we do devote to the match and understand each other better.



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