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Notice is hereby given to the public that there are certain individuals or partners who have been dropping the names Shimizu Corporation and Shimizu Philippine Contractors, Inc. to make it appear to persons and entities that they possess influence over the aforesaid Corporations in choosing the sub-contractors for some of the its alleged projects, specifically during the pre-qualification process, tender and bidding stage, and awarding of works, to solicit unlawful funds from the public.

Please be warned that the Corporations have not authorized any person or entity as their representative, broker, or agent, aside from their duly designated employees in the Philippines. We advise everyone to directly deal with the Corporations above-mentioned at their principal office address. The Corporations shall not recognize any transaction/s already made or to be made by these certain individuals or partners or those who acted in their behalf.

For any information or report regarding the foresaid unauthorized activities, or for any questions or concerns, please call our office, Legal Affairs Dept., at (02) 88112981 or (02) 88112638.