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Shimizu Open Academy (SOA) 2015

Shimizu Open Academy (SOA) 2015

Conference on Technologies for Safe and Smart Cities (21 & 22 Jan, 2015)

Shimizu Open Academy Programme

The “Shimizu open Academy” (SOA) was launched at the Shimizu Institute of Technology in 2008 as a part of its initiative to support company training activities and field trips for students.
In this initiative, lectures are focussed on the cutting-edge technologies and innovations developed. As a result of this cumulative researchers and cross-corporate collaborations, in 2011 it was recognized by the Architectural Institute of Japan for its contributions to youth Education.
In September 2012, it opened its door for the launching of lectures outside of Japan, Ho Chi Minh University of Technology in Vietnam being its first host.
To the date 23, 286 individuals have attended the Open Academy not only in Japan but likewise in regions where Shimizu Corporation has significant presence.

This year, Shimizu Open Academy program is going to be organized in India with Two day Conference.

Day 1: 21st January 2015
Time: 17:00 hrs Onwards
Venue: Senate Room, Dogra Hall, IIT Delhi, India

Day 2: 22nd January 2015
Time: 16:00 hrs Onwards
Venue: Hyatt Regency Hotel, Delhi, Indi

Objective of the Seminar

The seminar aims to bring together the policy makers from the Government, industry leaders, representatives of civil society and allied agency and stimulate discussion on the following agenda
Some Comment about situation of Disasters due to
The future vision of smart homes and buildings –with Technologies for resilient building design such as Seismic Isolation Method and Response Control Methods and implementation of the same for existing and new structures
Governmental initiatives in introducing smart governance with use of information and communication technology (ICT) - The Ministry of Urban development will present their perspectives on smart city
The scope of implementing - potential challenge and opportunity for Smart Grid & Micro Grid Technologies

About the Organizers

About Shimizu

In 1804, founder Kisuke Shimizu established a carpentry shop in the Kanda Kajicho< district to Edo (now Tokyo), launching a company history that now spans over 210 years. The spirit of craftsmanship handed down for more than two centuries ensures that our structures stand the test of time.
Although construction technologies and methods have advanced rapidly since the time, the approach of bashing growth on quality products that satisfy customers remains the foundation for all Shimizu’s activities.
Shimizu strives to create urban developments that are friendly to the environment while safeguarding communities and their residents from disaster. Building structures that deliver safety and peace of mind in the face of massive earthquakes, Tsunamis and floods represents the starting point of our construction business and the driving force behind our advances in construction technology.
Our mission is to deliver value surpassing the expectations of customers and society. These efforts are based on a board range of technologies and expertise and are meant to safeguard the infrastructure on which our lives depend.

About Shimizu Institute of Technology

The Shimizu Institute of Technology, established in 1944, was the first such institute of construction industry. Since that time, our Institute has played a major role in the modernization of construction technology.
The Institute is not only a research and Development beachhead, but also a base for the dissemination of information on cumulative research to the society. The Institute is located in central Japan, easily accessible and open to everyone. The Institute continue to serve society as an “Open Institute of Technology” and develop technologies and solutions that surpass our customers’ expectations.

About Shimizu Corporation India Pvt. Ltd.

SHIMIZU CORPORATION INDIA Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary of SHIMIZU CORPORATION. In India, SHIMIZU CORPORATION commenced business in 1985, and established Headquarters in Bangalore in 2009. In 2011, SHIMIZU CORPORATION INDIA Pvt. Ltd. was established. The projects we have undertaken in this country have wide varieties in terms of type and size of facilities and location, but we always kept our philosophy, to value our clients. Through approximately 30 years of our operations in India, we believe that our company has earned clients’ confidence to work as a team in construction projects.

Knowledge Partner for Seminar

Philanthrope is a non-profit, non-commercial organization striving to make the most vulnerable communities safer from natural and manmade disasters through awareness, preparedness and mitigation. The organization has been working in partnership with government organizations, and corporate sectors in conducting programmes on training and capacity building, community preparedness, school safety, knowledge building, urban risk reduction etc. In line of its activities in risk reduction and making the cities safer and liveable, the organization has started a series of seminars on smart and safe cities. It is facilitating to connect public, private and not for profit organizations to deliberate upon key issues and opportunities in sustainable city development in India.

Today's Work, Tomorrow's Heritage