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MRT Jakarta

MRT Jakarta

Implementation of Big Projects of Year 2013

Proyek “ Shield Tunneling” (MRT) that was commissioned by the DKI Jakarta Local Government is the first underground train project in Indonesia. The project name is “Proyek Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Koridor Selatan-Utara Fase 1” (Mass Rapid Transit North-South Corridor Phase 1 Project) which will be traversing the distance of 15.7 km across between South and North Jakarta within the total of 6 packages. Shimizu formed a JV with Obayashi-Wijaya Karya and Jaya Konstruksi; and obtained the CP 104&105 work package that requires high technology because of the underground nature of the project. The scope of the packages consisted of the building of 4 underground train station and 2 “shield tunnel” (Up-track dan Down-track) of 2.6km each, so the total length of the project is 3.89km. The duration of the project is 57 months, starting from August 2013 till May 2018. With the rapid growth of Jakarta’s economy, the numbers of the transportation vehicles increases as well, creating a very serious traffic jam all across Jakarta. This MRT Project is hoped to be the solution to alleviate the traffic jam crisis in Jakarta

Project Outline

Mass Rapid Transit North-South Corridor Phase 1 Project
Jakarta MRT CP104&CP105
Jalan Sudirman Jakarta Pusat
PT.MRT Jakarta
Shimizu(35%)・Obayashi(35%)・Wijaya Karya(15%)・Jaya Konstruksi(15%)
Project scope
Length 3.89km、4 underground stations、MRT tunnel 2.6km×2 (Shield methode)
Project Duration
August 2013~May 2018(57 months)